Little bit of background. I’m a city girl petroleum engineer. Hubby grew up helping on his grandfather’s grain farm. My husband and I knew the Alberta economy was going to tank, months before it hit hard. So we enacted our zombie plan. We bought a farm!

Well no. We did research, planned out a five year business plan, reviewed it with experienced grain farmers, forecasted our expenses and income, put in an offer and a counter offer. We had to make the submission count. We had the ideal property in Saskatchewan, and once denied on a property there wasn’t going to be a second chance. The day after our counter offer was accepted, I got laid off. So we redid everything, business plan and forecasts. Then sent everything to the banks and credit unions, crossed our fingers and prayed.

We jumped through hoops, scanned documents and stressed. While waiting for word on the mortgage approval, everyone in the know said “Ag land loans are near impossible to get.” Two months later, we got a yes! Even though we’re first time farmers, didn’t have any crop insurance history, lived in a different province, and were buying not inheriting farmland. Also, Saskatchewan landowning is a little trickier than Alberta, as the home quarter is protected by law.

Even with all those obstacles, we were going to be farmers! Now to only pack up all our worldly possessions.

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