Kitty’s Woes

2016-05-06 14.38.55.jpgThe drawback of not having a fenced in yard is that our indoors kitty will really have to stay indoors. While in the city, she loves to play jungle cat in my wildflower garden.

But she doesn’t know how to deal with other animals, and gets territorial even though she’s terrified of spiders. We have ducks in one of the dugouts at the farm, plenty of predator birds, and most likely a bazillion field mice (hopefully not so many rats). Plus Kitty just won’t understand why she can’t go outside anymore. Everyday she finishes her pumpkin-kibble-chicken breakfast then sits at the sliding door staring outside with the occasional glance up to meow “Are we going out now?”

One of the challenges will be getting her used to a leash and harness again, so we can unload boxes from the trucks without her bolting. She’s an old cat, verging on 21 human years old, and hubby’s princess. So we will have to be careful not to overly stress Kitty with the move. She’s probably planning on sneaking into one of the many boxes around the house, just so we don’t leave her behind.


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