Moving and Settling In

So we’ve made the eight hour drive! We arrived at the farm, explored with awesome friends that drove east with us, unloaded our air mattress then passed out. The next day we moved what felt like a bazillion boxes.

The farmhouse has tons of interesting space savers and 70’s chic because the previous owner was a master carpenter. It took me 15 minutes just to find all the hidden compartments in the kitchen to hang my pots and pans. Lots of furniture moving and carpet cleaning later…


Check out the retro carpet in our living room! I even started planning my garden on Day 4, when the heavens opened up and glorious rain poured down. Rain is a relief, since our farm is part of the extreme fire risk area on par with Fort McMurray. Rain is usually a good thing for farmers, especially just after seeding, but it makes the gravel roads slick! I will have to wait for my garden plot to dry out a bit before tilling, giving us a little time to get to a few farm auctions for a trusty yard tractor.

Kitty has calmed down from the strenuous trip, now that she’s learned where her scratching post and food dish is.  She loves looking out the window at the birds. But I don’t think she’ll appreciate the grass ticks. Thankfully they’re not the dreaded Lyme carrying deer ticks.

The unpacking and rain continues!


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