Totally Legal

Our first Canada Day at the farm! Hubby and I were up late last night just getting the switchboard and fuses ready for our own fireworks show! In the city, the bylaws prevented purchase and setting off of fireworks. But now that we’re in the country, fireworks are sold at the Canadian Tire (hardware store chain) and even in gas stations! Thankfully, we won’t have to worry about dry grass since it’s been buckets of rain. Just wondering if it will start raining when we want to set off everything. The plan is to enjoy fireworks with our family while eating my latest experiment!

The difference between screwing around and science is writing things down! Sometimes I get bored. I still have things on the list to do, but just need a break, so I bake! Bless him, Hubby always takes a honking bite of my messes experiments and tells it to me straight. I will share my experiment so that I can say it is an experiment and not a mess. Behold! The Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Brownie!

I used this recipe for the cheesecake part, and since I didn’t have any mixes, made the brownie base using this recipe. The recipe makes 24 brownie bites so I made a dozen and square pan for Hubby since he wouldn’t be able to resist. I had to cut off the tops of my muffin sized brownies and the little half a finger width batter in the square pan doubled in size! It’s great as a 2 for 1 deal, because now I also have convenient brownie bites! I didn’t have mini chocolate chips so ended up blending normal size chocolate chips. The result is a cookies ‘n’ cream cheesecake mix, where you can get a normal size chip or chocolate crumb. It’s a success! I should probably define that a success in our house means: “It tastes good, doesn’t look gross.”

Off to get the house spruced up for guests and make a few more dishes for the BBQ!


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