Green and Leafy


It’s July! The greenery is out with benevolent vengeance! The grass grows with the everlasting intent to beat the mower. And in some places, I don’t dare bring my little John Deere yard tractor. Well, not unless I have Hubby nearby to call for backup or more likely a tow. These are the prettier weeds by our dugout

We are so fortunate to have an extremely mature and thought out yard. There are 50 year old trees for a shelter belt, 3 dugouts (spraying, settling, treated), and multiple vegetable gardens. As of now, I have prudently chosen to use only half of a garden at 50ft x 50ft just beyond the front yard tree line.


Our shelterbelt has at 3 rows of trees and in some spots more. For those unaware of Saskatchewan weather. The wind is quite fierce over largely flat fields, and most trees are planted are greatly treasured. Shelterbelts are rows of trees planted to break the impact of the wind, or I would have a lot more tumbleweeds in the yard.

20160704_093135My garden was planted quite late. So we didn’t spray Round Up Weed Killer (Known as Glyphosate for others) on the thistle, dandelions and grass growing unchecked for the past 10 years. That’s why some photos you see clearly have a weed waiting to be dug up. Here I have corn plants starting. The hope is that I will be able to have a corn crop not completely decimated by deer.


My first radish to come from the garden!


And tiny carrot leaves! Which I had to hunt for at first. The weed growth is just astounding. There’s only me, armed with a few garden implements.





The 3 plants in a row with little curlicues are peas! The exclamation marks are quite true to my emotions. Planting a vegetable garden on top of moving to another province was a trial. Near the end of planting seeds, I was deliriously throwing them into the rows. Planting a garden a month late, any miraculous plant requires rejoicing.




I have squash and pumpkin plants! Pies and casseroles and sauces. Even Kitty loves having some pumpkin mixed into her kibble.

I’m terribly excited about my plants. There’s just something wonderful about seeing green leaves that promise food. Hubby understands my love of just looking at plants, as it’s the same way he loves riding around for hours in a combine.

Haven’t been able to harvest much besides the radishes but it won’t be long for the lettuce! For now, I don my sun hat and weed on!


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