Green and Leafy


It’s July! The greenery is out with benevolent vengeance! The grass grows with the everlasting intent to beat the mower. And in some places, I don’t dare bring my little John Deere yard tractor. Well, not unless I have Hubby nearby to call for backup or more likely a tow. These are the prettier weeds by our dugout

We are so fortunate to have an extremely mature and thought out yard. There are 50 year old trees for a shelter belt, 3 dugouts (spraying, settling, treated), and multiple vegetable gardens. As of now, I have prudently chosen to use only half of a garden at 50ft x 50ft just beyond the front yard tree line.


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Totally Legal

Our first Canada Day at the farm! Hubby and I were up late last night just getting the switchboard and fuses ready for our own fireworks show! In the city, the bylaws prevented purchase and setting off of fireworks. But now that we’re in the country, fireworks are sold at the Canadian Tire (hardware store chain) and even in gas stations! Thankfully, we won’t have to worry about dry grass since it’s been buckets of rain. Just wondering if it will start raining when we want to set off everything. The plan is to enjoy fireworks with our family while eating my latest experiment!

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